You play as a very cute llama. This llama is so cute that everyone wants to touch it. This llama is very hungry and is craving for a donut. This llama just happens to be in an amusement park !

Run to the donut stand while escaping a horde of children trying to jump on your back !

The more children you have on your back, the worse it is...

Controls : 

- Arrow keys to move

- Space to headbutt children

Credits : 

- RisuNiku - Game Art/Animation

- Obtruncat - Game Art

- @Pandanym - Game Design/Prog

- Lazard - Prog

- Hadrien Auvray - Game Design/Sound Design

- Louis Houyez - Game Design/Level Design

- Narudgi - Game Design/Prog

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Made withUnity
Tagsamusement-park, children, llama, Ludum Dare 40, Runner
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