A giant sumo robot is destroying the city !

If you don’t stop him in 20 seconds, the city is doomed.

Dismantle it piece by piece to stop him ! To dismantle a panel, you will have to take out bolts, screws and wires with the left button of the mouse. Actions will include spinning valves, pulling levers and cutting wires.

The robot will defend itself by sending homing missiles ! Your hitbox is your mouse pointer, so try to dodge them while working your way to the robot's brain.

The game is very short ! It's only 20 seconds. We made it for a school project where the goal was to make a bunch of these in groups of two and combine them all together.

Made by :

Art : https://www.instagram.com/guacamool/

Code : https://twitter.com/Pandanym

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Made withUnity
Tags2D, browser, Colorful, Robots, Short, Vector, web, webgl


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how do you  get past the mouse sence thing

I did it!! XD

hi im back- happy new year! XD

trying out hard mode rn!!

i did easy and medium and hard it was actually easy if u consentrate -w- i failed like 6 times ._. kkkkkk byeeeee

Very cool ;)