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hey is it possible you could make a walkthrough to get the good ending because i am stumped and want to find it without too much effort.

Here's a walkthrough from Alpha Beta Gamer :

hi i was deleting the wrong files so i tried to delete documentia and reinstall it but now i have the delete world ending that tells me to delete appdata\local but i dont have anything there

please help i would really like to play

documents/my games/documentia

thanks i found version2 works better

This was great! Good job.

Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed it :)

Hi! I'm having a lot of trouble running the game, unfortunately. I'm on Windows 8.1, on Administrator mode, and have made sure that Avast antivirus recognizes the game as harmless. The launcher comes up fine, but upon hitting Play!, the window pops up for just a split second before closing itself. The same result happens if I select full screen mode. Opening Task Manager, I see that Documentia.exe is running as a background app, and so is UnityCrashHandler64. Nothing happens. I've confirmed this doesn't happen with other Unity games, either. Help would be very appreciated, thank you.

Hi ! Did you place the game folder in your documents folder ? If so have you tried moving your game folder elsewhere ?

Yes, I've tried it from User\Documents\My Games\Documentia, User\Documents\Documentia, and Desktop\Documentia, with no luck. I can confirm that the game at least lasted long enough to write data into AppData, if that helps! That actually might be part of the problem; It's writing to an output_log.txt at User\AppData\LocalLow\Pandanym\Documentia. When I last checked it, it was 80.4 MB, and has only been growing larger. It looks like a memory leak. I've pasted the important stuff here:

Not sure what could be causing this when others are having no problems, but it seems to be an issue on Unity's end instead of yours. This looks like an interesting game, too, which is kind of disappointing, but I'll figure something out! Sorry for the trouble!

Thank you for the log. I'm not using multithreading so it looks like it doesn't come from my end. I'll try updating my Unity version to see if it'll fix it.

Same issue and similar log here!  I'm on windows server 2012.  Sorry I can't be of more use in diagnosing, feel free to ping me @ddrkirbyisq if you get an updated version up!

Unfortunately due to my schedule it wont be soon, but I'll keep you posted

Wow, It's epic :D

Thank you :)

Any possibility that this will be available on Windows?

It is available on windows

Just checked in the browser. It seems like it's just an issue with the app. Thanks for the reply, I look forward to checking this game out.

Awesome, hope you'll enjoy it !